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Commission plans

anyoption™ Partners offers the most lucrative monthly commission plans in the industry, allowing you to work according to the best plan to suit your needs.

When partnering with anyoption™ Partners you will be working with the most well-known brand in the binary options industry. anyoption™ Partners will work with you to maximize your profits and build a long-term partnership for the highest possible commission.

Revenue Share  
Total Revenue ($) Commission
 0 - 10,000 20%
10,001 - 50,000 25%
50,001 - 100,000 30%
100,001 + 35%

Earn lifetime revenue share from the revenues anyoption receives from your referred customers.

The commission rates are based on anyoption™'s net revenues, which are calculated as follows:

• Gross Revenue = [Opening cash balances + fund deposited by customers] – Withdrawals
• Net Revenue = Gross revenue – chargebacks or frauds – credit made to user – calculations – payment processing fees

Cost per Acquisition  

Our lucrative CPA commission plan rewards you for each costumer you refer to anyoption.
Based on quality and quantity of your traffic, we offer industry-leading CPA commission plans up to $500 CPA!

Sign up as an affiliate with the leading binary options affiliate program and contact us to discuss the CPA plan best suitable for your traffic!

Master Affiliate  
Revenue Share (on top of affiliate's commission) 2.5%

Refer sub-affiliates to anyoption™ Partners and earn extra revenues! Once your sub-affiliates start generating revenue with anyoption, you will earn additional revenue share from their commission!

anyoption™ Partners offers additional special commission plans to affiliates who meet certain criteria. Please contact our affiliate team at for further information.