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Binary Options

01. What is binary options trading?

Binary options are an exciting new type of investment. Rather than purchasing the asset itself, investors can speculate on which direction they estimate an asset will move in. When a binary option is purchased on the anyoption™ platform, a contract is created which gives the buyer (known here as the investor) the right to buy an underlying asset at a fixed price, at a set time in the future to us, the seller.

If an investor thinks that at the set time, the asset’s price will be higher than its current price, then he buys a Call option. If he thinks that it will be lower, then he buys a Put option.

For more detailed information on binary options trading, visit Binary Options

02.What is the definition of a Customer?

A Customer is someone who has been referred through one of your affiliate marketing tools and who has deposited money in his anyoption™ account. They must fulfill the following criteria:
A Customer is a person who is attached to your affiliate tracker, who:

  • has not been a Customer of ours before
  • has made the minimum deposit at anyoption™
  • is accepted as a customer under any applicable sign up or identity verification procedure which
    anyoption™ may require
  • is over 18
03. Who can be a Customer on the anyoption™ platform?

Anyone over the age 18 who has read and agreed to the terms and conditions, can trade on the anyoption™ platform.

The Program

04. What is anyoption™ Partners?

anyoption™ Partners is the official affiliate program of anyoption™, allowing affiliates to benefit from the high value customers who are joining the anyoption™ site. anyoption™’s growth and success is shared with partners who have the ability to bring new customers to the site.

05. Why should I become a binary options trading affiliate?

In only a short space of time since their inception, binary options are fast becoming a top investment product among professionals and beginners. The numerous binary options trading platforms subsequently being created support this growing trend. By becoming a partner of ours now you can profit from the fast growth of interest in this new industry. You can take advantage of almost any traffic and convert it to anyoption's customers.

Binary options trading is a high profit market where there is a place for everyone to take a cut of the pie.

06. Why should I become an anyoption™ affiliate?
  • anyoption™ is the leading binary option trading site of its kind
  • With an interface in English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, German and Russian, it has an
    internationally wide appeal
  • The software is 100% web based making it instantly available for customers
  • The platform is user friendly and accessible to all levels of traders
  • Our affiliates program is competitive and adaptable to your requirements
  • You can take advantage of your current traffic (any type) and potential customers by introducing
    them to this exciting product

If you want to profit from this high demand product then your best option is to partner with the market leader.

07. Is there a cost for joining?

No – there is no cost for signing up to anyoption™ Partners.

08. Am I eligible to become an anyoption™ affiliate?

We reserve the right to refuse any site becoming an anyoption™ affiliate who we deem offensive. This includes the use of defamatory language, pornography, material supporting violence or discriminatory groups or any other content which infringes on our or third parties’ intellectual property.

09. Can I become an anyoption™ affiliate even if I don’t have a website?

Yes. Please email us on for further assistance.

Account Management and Tracking

10. How can I become an anyoption™ affiliate?

Go to the Sign Up page to register as an anyoption™ affiliate at no charge.

11. I forgot my password, what should I do?

Underneath the Log-in details, click on Forgot password and fill in your email address with which you have registered inanyoption™ Partners. Your new password will be emailed to you in minutes.

12. What commission plans do you offer?

Our flexible program allows you to choose from our generous revenue share, CPA and super affiliate plans. Please visit Commission Plans for more details.

13. How do I change my payment method?

Log-in to My Account atanyoption™affiliates >Payment info and change your new payment information.Click Save when you are done. Note that any change taking place between 5-10 if the month should be sent to our team's attention on email, as we have already sent payments to your previous details.

14. How and when will I receive my affiliate earnings?

You will receive your earnings on the 15th of every month, for the commission earned during the previous calendar month. The payment methods available are wire transfer, skrill, Please refer to My Account for more information on your current chosen payment method.

15. Is there a minimum revenue amount needed to cash in my earnings?

Yes. Once you have generated a commission of $100 we will send to you your affiliate earnings. Otherwise we will roll over the commission to the next month until your revenue reaches the necessary $100. For more information, we suggest to visit our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

16. How can I create tracking IDs for promoting your product?

anyoption™ Partners creates unique codes that allow you to track your Customers, referrals by campaign, marketing tools, offline activities and more. After registering as an affiliate of anyoption™ Partners, you will get access to the system, where you will be able to make as many tracking codes as you want, by marketing tools, and organize your work.

17. How many Trackers can I create?

As many as you want. Once registered with us, we will send you a quick guide to the system. There you will easily be able to create the trackers you need.

18. Can I switch Trackers?

You can get as many trackers as you want and replace old ones by creating new ones.

19. How do I track the traffic through my links?

Go to "Reports" and select from a variety of report types according to your needs to view the traffic results.

20. How do I know how much I have earned?

In Reports and Earning Reports you can view a detailed report of your earnings. The report is updated every 24 hours.

21. What other reports can I generate?
  • In Customers >Customer Reporting, you can generate a report broken down by reward plan, country,
    sign up dates, activity dates, marketing sources
  • You can also generate a Media Report in Reports > advert stats showing the number of views and
    clicks on each marketing tool and their results per banners
  • You can generate Marketing Source Reports in Reports > website stats, generating information
    broken down by your different websites
22. Can I offer my referrals an incentive to sign up through my link rather than sign up directly?

Unless previously approved by us, we prohibit the use of incentives, gifts and payments to encourage customer sign-ups. In the event that we believe that you have engaged in such activity, we reserve the right to withhold any amounts due to you. However, if you have a specific incentive in mind, then please contact our team for further discussion and approval.

Marketing and Promotion

23. What marketing tools do you offer?

We have a creative, broad and effective selection of banners, text-links, direct links, reviews, HTML files and offline tracking system. Additionally, we have flash banners which you can request from your affiliate account manager. If you would like customized tools or an item currently not offered on the site, please contact us.

24. Where are they located?

Go to My Account and click on Media Gallery to see all the available marketing tools. There you will find a search tool to quickly find the most suitable marketing tool for you.

25. Can you customize a banner for my site?

Yes. Please contact your affiliate account manager if you would like a customized banner and provide him/her with the following information:

  • Pixel size
  • File format
  • Desired language
  • The URL of the site in which the banner is going to appear
  • Banner placement
  • Specific colors the banner should include